How to fix HP Laser Printer Paper Out Error 11?

You might have faced Error 11 lot of times while using your printer but doesn’t know what it means or how does it arise. Well, there can be many reasons for this error like:-

  1. No paper in Paper Tray.
  2. Paper tray not properly placed on a printer.
  3. Sensor arm of your printer is broken.
  4. Configuration issue and tray size are defective.

Here is a quick solution to resolve such problem so just go through the steps and follow it one by one. Hope you will definitely get the solution to your problem, just in case you are stuck somewhere or unable to resolve this issue then immediately call HP Technical Support Canada to get the fast solution.

  1. One of the reasons is an accumulation of toner on the sidewall of the printer tray which causes a slide into the printer. So to remove the toner, take a sharp tool to just scratch the accumulated toner and clean it making it smooth.
  2. Check whether the sensor arm is moving freely or not. It also helps in solving the error quickly. Sometimes due to a paper jam, the sensor flag get displaced from its place and put out of the tray in an abrupt manner. If the sensor is broken, then get it replaced by new one or else perform a reinstallation process to solve this problem.
  3. Also, check whether the tray is damaged from any point or not. It should be in perfect condition. Often the tabs of the printer get damaged due to the wrong allocation of series of switches which is done while installation process. Check it properly to confirm that tabs are in good condition and tray switches are at the right place in a printer. You need to lightly press it followed by clicking on the option. Any micro switch that is in a bent condition needs to be replaced immediately.
  4. Look at the small menu on the printer and follow the configuration process carefully.

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Dial HP Printer Support Number and Learn How to Print from Android Devices

In this modern generation, printing tasks have gone from PC to mobile. This is because you can print photos and other types of documents saved from your android device through your printer. This amazing technological advancement is advantageous because you no longer need a PC to print. If the file is saved in your phone, there is no need to transfer it to your PC because you can print it out directly, saving you time.

If you have no idea how to do this, dialing HP printer support number 1-844-888-3870 is the best thing to do. HP printer support is not only available for troubleshooting but also for learning how to utilize your printer for your specific need like mobile printing.

Steps to Get Printout from Android to HP Printers

Here are the steps that HP support provides for mobile printing:

1. Install the HP Printing App. Before you can print from your mobile device, you may need to download and install an app called HP E-print. You can find this app at the Google Play Store.

2. Activate the App. This step is important to start printing. Activating may require you to input information such as your email address as well as an activation code sent to you before you hit the Activate button.

3. Start Printing. This is the step where you choose the file to print and hit the Print button.

Remember that this process requires a Wi-Fi connection to connect your mobile device to the printer. So, you must never forget to turn on your Wi-Fi before starting the process if you want to successfully print a file from your mobile device. If problems when printing from Android are encountered, you are always free to call HP contact number Canada 1-844-888-3870 for assistance.

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